Emmylou Harris Is A Very Gifted Woman

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Emmylou Harris is an American singer, songwriter and musician, born 14 April 1947 in Birmingham, Alabama. During her career, she released many singles and albums and she also won 12 Grammy awards, which is a huge and wonderful achievement. Harris is also an interpreter of many composer’s works and as a singer and songwriter, she collaborated with many artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbinson, as well as Bob Dylan, Rodney Crowell, Neil Young, Little Feat and Gram Parsons. Her parents worked in the military field, her father being a military officer and her other a member of the wartime military wife. Nonetheless, Emmylou chose a totally different career that made her worldwide known and successful. She graduated from Gar-Field High School as class valedictorian and while she was in high school, she also won a drama scholarship. For this scholarship, she had to learn to play many songs of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Pete Seeger.

Later, she decided to pursue a music career, so she moved to New York, waiting as an waitress at the beginning to support herself, but meanwhile, she was performing songs in Greenwich Village coffeehouses. Later, she married songwriter Tom Slocum and she also recorded her first solo album. Nonetheless, the two soon divorced, while Harris and her daughter moved in with her parents on the edge of Washington, in the Maryland suburbs. Harris was discovered by former Birds member, Chris Hillman, who asked her to join the band, but he changed his mind and recommended her to Parsons, who needed a female vocalist. Harris accepted and she was also very pleased and happy that her music career was on the right track.

Emmylou Harris was introduced to Canadian producer Brian Ahern, who helped her produce and released her major label album, called Pieces of Sky. In 1977, Emmylou Harris married Brian Ahern and their daughter was born on 1979, but Harris never gave up to her career, so she continued to released three studio albums. The singer also reached the Top 40 on the Billboard pop chart, her major album releases including self-panned songs, but this thing changed when she released The Ballad of Sally Rose, which as semi-autobiographical album, based on her relationship with Parsons. Her recent work included Stumble into Grace, which is her follow-up to Red Dirt Girl. In 2004, she led an important tours, including many famous and talented artists.