Emmylou Harris Best Songs

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Emmylou Harris is a great singer and people all over the world love her. The star has numerous fans and her talent is the one who has made her have an incredible success. Well, Emmylou Harris has released during the years many songs and a great majority of them turned out to be number one singles. Emmylou Harris songs are worldwide known and appreciated and some of the best singles released by the star were launched in collaboration with other artists, including Linda Ronstadt, Bod Dylan and Neil Young. Emmylou Harris has also worked with Willie Nelson.

Emmylou Harris was born in 1947. Emmylou Harris songs, released during her long time musical career, include numerous very successful pieces, lunched during the years, such as Mister Sandman, Adult Contemporary, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, On the Radio, Born To Run, In My Dreams and many other famous songs. Some of the most popular Emmylou Harris songs are actually covers from other pieces released by various artists, but the songs were of course interpreted in an original note.

Emmylou Harris wed Brian Ahern in 1977. The couple had a daughter, Meghann, who was born in 1979. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last forever, as the two separated. Emmylou Harris was also married to musician Paul Kennerley. The couple wed in 1985 and got divorced after about eight years of marriage, as they separated in 1993. Anyway, Emmylou Harris has always remained focused on her singing career and she started changing her approach when it comes to her music, adapting it to the new trends in country music. This means that what Emmylou Harris tried to do is to turn her music to the youth oriented new country format. And with her next albums, the change began to be quite visible. In 1989, Emmylou Harris released Bluebird and in 1990 the star launched Brand New Dance. Although the new albums were criticized at the time of their release, Emmylou Harris gained a lot of new fans. Her career turned into a new direction starting with that point. And while some fans very much appreciated the change, others were not that satisfied with it. However, Emmylou Harris kept releasing new songs the following years.