Emmylou Harris Bio

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Emmylou Harris is an American Singer/songwriter who was born in Birmingham, Alabama on April 2, 194. She is best known for her vocals as well as her guitar playing, but she has also produced, written, and arranged many popular songs. Harris has been a part of many record labels including Jubilee, Reprise, Warner Bros., Elektra, Rhino, and Nonesuch, and has been associated with famous acts such as Little Feat, Dolly Parton, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Denver, and Bruce Springsteen, among others.

Harris’s father, Walter Harris, was a career military officer, and so Emmylou always grew up as a part of the military culture. In 1952, Walter was reported missing in Korea, and spent 10 months in a prison as a prisoner of war. Emmylou’s childhood was spent in different parts of Virginia, and she soon realized that she wanted to be a singer and guitar player. After dropping out of college, Harris moved to New York and worked as a waitress while performing her songs in coffeehouses across the city. She recorded her first album, Gliding Bird, and, following a divorce with her songwriter husband, moved back in with her parents in Maryland.

Harris’s career soon took off as she began meeting producers, writers, and musicians from all over the world who wanted to work with her and collaborate with her. She began writing more country songs that put her heart out there on the line, and idolized Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan for the way they could express emotion through their lyrics.