Emmylou Harris Growing Success

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There are many stars out there, but not all of them manage to remain successful for a long period of time. Well, Emmylou Harris is a singer who has always remained in the spotlights, thanks to her talent, hard work and commitment. Emmylou Harris is a singer, songwriter and producer and many of her songs turned out to be very successful. Anyway, when talking about Emmylou Harris biography, we should not limit ourselves only to her career and success in the music industry. However, Emmylou Harris has always managed to keep her private life really private and well, that definitely is a thing that should be appreciated. This is one of the main reason why people seem to wonder who is married to Emmylou Harris. Well, if who is married to Emmylou Harris is also a question on your mind, here is an answer for you.

Emmylou Harris has been married three times, but unfortunately all her marriages ended in divorce. Brain Ahern is the most famuos husband for Emmylou Harris. The couple wed in 1977 and divorced in 1984. Still, the marriage could not last forever and later on Emmylou Harris wed Paul Kennerley. Emmylou Harris divorced her husband, Paul Kennerley in 1993. Emmylou Harris also wed Tom Slocum, but unfortunately for the couple, the two had to separate. During the years, Emmylou Harris has been linked to numerous other, some famous, men. However, the star has always been focused on her career, all the time releasing new songs and improving her performances.

Most of Emmylou Harris projects turned out to be very successful and actually the star has also had some experiences with the movie industry. Emmylou Harris starred in five movies, all her appearances being as herself. Emmylou Harris’ filmography includes Neil Young: Heart of Gold, Down from the Mountain, Baja Oklahoma, Honeysuckle Rose and The Last Waltz. For her musical performances, Emmylou Harris has been awarded many times and she actually got the Album of the Year Award at the Country Music Association Awards, back in 2001. Emmylou Harris surely has numerous fans all over the world and the artist manages to every time impress all of them with her musical talent.