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There are people who think that they are singers and actors born every day while the amount of people that really are singers and actors are born on every other day however when it comes to finding real talent there is only one way to go. Using the measured scale of votes from fans we can tell that Emmylou Harris is a very popular singer and songwriter just as much as Dolly Parton was back in her younger days. Emmylou Harris is 64 years old this year so we consider that she learned something from one of the greats like Dolly back when she started out on her quest for fame and fortune.

For some people fame and fortune come easily by doing what they love. Singing and dancing is something that comes to everyone however doing it so naturally that millions of fans buy your albums and go to see you in concert is one boost that would certainly make most people happy. Emmylou was at one stage a backup singer for the Dolly Parton tours which went on for decades and is still going today if you want to go to Las Vegas to see a great show. Emmylou’s country style of singing started out possible because of her Virginian routes which would have given her plenty of country lyrics and songs to listen to and get to know well. Pete Seeger as well as Bob Dylan also helped Emmylou Harris along her way with her walk to the celebrity status that she now holds.

Warner Brother and A&R Music were the first to jump on board of the Emmylou Harris train and ride it all the way to success. She was a miracle star to start out with seeing as so many of her fans related to her right away which is partly why her records go flying off the shelf. Her songs have reached the charts in several genre plus been nominated for awards. For one real singer who is talented enough to still be going at the age of 64 you would have to start thinking where all her energy comes from.