Emmylou Harris Career Facts

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Emmylou Harris is an American singer who has managed to gain worldwide success due to her incredible voice. There are not so many people out there who have the power to move people with the music they create, but fans have always included Emmylou Harris in the category of the best all time musicians. Emmylou Harris was born in April, 1947, in Birmingham, Alabama. The star has been known as a singer, songwriter and music producer.

Emmylou Harris has released numerous albums and very successful songs during her long time career in the music industry and, for her great projects, the singer has also received many awards and various nominations in different award ceremonies. To accomplish her dream of becoming a popular singer, Emmylou Harris decided to drop off college and to move to New York to pursue a musical career. Emmylou Harris recorded her first album in 1970 and “Gilding Bird” turned out to be quite successful. In 1976, Emmylou Harris received her first Award, for best Female Country Vocal Performance, the star also being awarded in the same category three years later, in 1979. Throughout the years, as Emmylou Harris released new songs and more impressive singles, the star has received not less than 12 Grammy Awards, the last Grammy being granted to Emmylou Harris in 2005, when she was awarded for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. In 2001, Emmylou Harris received the Album of the Year Award for her “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

Thanks to her talent and hard work, Emmylou Harris was introduced to the Country Music Hall of Fame on February 12, 2008. Some of the most successful and appreciated songs to be released by Emmylou Harris include Mister Sandman, Adult Contemporary, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Born to Run, In My Dream and also On the Radio. Emmylou Harris has managed to remain very successful in the music industry for many years and there is no wonder that she has so many fans, and not only in the United States. Still, Emmylou Harris has never limited her projects to music, as she also starred in some movies, proving that she has the needed skills to act and make some great performances.

Emmylou Harris Growing Success

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There are many stars out there, but not all of them manage to remain successful for a long period of time. Well, Emmylou Harris is a singer who has always remained in the spotlights, thanks to her talent, hard work and commitment. Emmylou Harris is a singer, songwriter and producer and many of her songs turned out to be very successful. Anyway, when talking about Emmylou Harris biography, we should not limit ourselves only to her career and success in the music industry. However, Emmylou Harris has always managed to keep her private life really private and well, that definitely is a thing that should be appreciated. This is one of the main reason why people seem to wonder who is married to Emmylou Harris. Well, if who is married to Emmylou Harris is also a question on your mind, here is an answer for you.

Emmylou Harris has been married three times, but unfortunately all her marriages ended in divorce. Brain Ahern is the most famuos husband for Emmylou Harris. The couple wed in 1977 and divorced in 1984. Still, the marriage could not last forever and later on Emmylou Harris wed Paul Kennerley. Emmylou Harris divorced her husband, Paul Kennerley in 1993. Emmylou Harris also wed Tom Slocum, but unfortunately for the couple, the two had to separate. During the years, Emmylou Harris has been linked to numerous other, some famous, men. However, the star has always been focused on her career, all the time releasing new songs and improving her performances.

Most of Emmylou Harris projects turned out to be very successful and actually the star has also had some experiences with the movie industry. Emmylou Harris starred in five movies, all her appearances being as herself. Emmylou Harris’ filmography includes Neil Young: Heart of Gold, Down from the Mountain, Baja Oklahoma, Honeysuckle Rose and The Last Waltz. For her musical performances, Emmylou Harris has been awarded many times and she actually got the Album of the Year Award at the Country Music Association Awards, back in 2001. Emmylou Harris surely has numerous fans all over the world and the artist manages to every time impress all of them with her musical talent.

Emmylou Harris Best Songs

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Emmylou Harris is a great singer and people all over the world love her. The star has numerous fans and her talent is the one who has made her have an incredible success. Well, Emmylou Harris has released during the years many songs and a great majority of them turned out to be number one singles. Emmylou Harris songs are worldwide known and appreciated and some of the best singles released by the star were launched in collaboration with other artists, including Linda Ronstadt, Bod Dylan and Neil Young. Emmylou Harris has also worked with Willie Nelson.

Emmylou Harris was born in 1947. Emmylou Harris songs, released during her long time musical career, include numerous very successful pieces, lunched during the years, such as Mister Sandman, Adult Contemporary, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, On the Radio, Born To Run, In My Dreams and many other famous songs. Some of the most popular Emmylou Harris songs are actually covers from other pieces released by various artists, but the songs were of course interpreted in an original note.

Emmylou Harris wed Brian Ahern in 1977. The couple had a daughter, Meghann, who was born in 1979. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last forever, as the two separated. Emmylou Harris was also married to musician Paul Kennerley. The couple wed in 1985 and got divorced after about eight years of marriage, as they separated in 1993. Anyway, Emmylou Harris has always remained focused on her singing career and she started changing her approach when it comes to her music, adapting it to the new trends in country music. This means that what Emmylou Harris tried to do is to turn her music to the youth oriented new country format. And with her next albums, the change began to be quite visible. In 1989, Emmylou Harris released Bluebird and in 1990 the star launched Brand New Dance. Although the new albums were criticized at the time of their release, Emmylou Harris gained a lot of new fans. Her career turned into a new direction starting with that point. And while some fans very much appreciated the change, others were not that satisfied with it. However, Emmylou Harris kept releasing new songs the following years.

Emmylou Harris Bio

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Emmylou Harris is an American Singer/songwriter who was born in Birmingham, Alabama on April 2, 194. She is best known for her vocals as well as her guitar playing, but she has also produced, written, and arranged many popular songs. Harris has been a part of many record labels including Jubilee, Reprise, Warner Bros., Elektra, Rhino, and Nonesuch, and has been associated with famous acts such as Little Feat, Dolly Parton, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Denver, and Bruce Springsteen, among others.

Harris’s father, Walter Harris, was a career military officer, and so Emmylou always grew up as a part of the military culture. In 1952, Walter was reported missing in Korea, and spent 10 months in a prison as a prisoner of war. Emmylou’s childhood was spent in different parts of Virginia, and she soon realized that she wanted to be a singer and guitar player. After dropping out of college, Harris moved to New York and worked as a waitress while performing her songs in coffeehouses across the city. She recorded her first album, Gliding Bird, and, following a divorce with her songwriter husband, moved back in with her parents in Maryland.

Harris’s career soon took off as she began meeting producers, writers, and musicians from all over the world who wanted to work with her and collaborate with her. She began writing more country songs that put her heart out there on the line, and idolized Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan for the way they could express emotion through their lyrics.

Emmylou Harris Wikipedia

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Emmylou Harris is a famous American Singer, Songwriter and Musician who has had duets with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt. Harris was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in North Carolina and Woodbridge in Virginia. After this, she won a scholarship at the University of North Carolina to study drama which put her in a position to really get interested in music, especially the guitar. Next, she moved up to New York, working as a waiter and singing in coffeehouses (think Phoebe Buffay from Friends!). Whilst she was doing this she recorded her first album. As she performed one night she caught the attention of Chris Hillman who put her in touch with Gram Parsons and subsequently ended up recording a record with him. From here Harris was scouted by Warner Bros. and they helped her record her first major album. From here, she was widely recognized as a star and her career grew in leaps and bounds.

Warner Bros. agreed to sign her if she could enlist help from other fellow musicians and produce a ‘hot band’, which she did by getting other similar musicians onside. In the late 1970s, Harris started to settle down with a family, and dropped three of her record contracts that she felt were sending her in the ‘wrong direction’. In the early 80s she did a bit of pop-chart song-writing and singing, including acts with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt. From the 1990s, Harris found herself losing airtime on the mainstream country radios as they were looking for more contemporary acts, so she crafted her own niche for her follows, selling thousands of albums and touring globally.

Emmylou Harris – online fan site

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There are people who think that they are singers and actors born every day while the amount of people that really are singers and actors are born on every other day however when it comes to finding real talent there is only one way to go. Using the measured scale of votes from fans we can tell that Emmylou Harris is a very popular singer and songwriter just as much as Dolly Parton was back in her younger days. Emmylou Harris is 64 years old this year so we consider that she learned something from one of the greats like Dolly back when she started out on her quest for fame and fortune.

For some people fame and fortune come easily by doing what they love. Singing and dancing is something that comes to everyone however doing it so naturally that millions of fans buy your albums and go to see you in concert is one boost that would certainly make most people happy. Emmylou was at one stage a backup singer for the Dolly Parton tours which went on for decades and is still going today if you want to go to Las Vegas to see a great show. Emmylou’s country style of singing started out possible because of her Virginian routes which would have given her plenty of country lyrics and songs to listen to and get to know well. Pete Seeger as well as Bob Dylan also helped Emmylou Harris along her way with her walk to the celebrity status that she now holds.

Warner Brother and A&R Music were the first to jump on board of the Emmylou Harris train and ride it all the way to success. She was a miracle star to start out with seeing as so many of her fans related to her right away which is partly why her records go flying off the shelf. Her songs have reached the charts in several genre plus been nominated for awards. For one real singer who is talented enough to still be going at the age of 64 you would have to start thinking where all her energy comes from.

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